Workplace Health Promotion

Soul Kitchen offers nutritional workshops in companies to improve the wellbeing and boost the performance of employees.

Empower your team’s well-being with our nutrition workshops. Break free from dietary myths, promote healthy eating habits, and boost performance.

Who are we?

Soul Kitchen Enterprise is composed of two dieticians. Emilie is French and Genevieve is Canadian. We both strongly believe that nutrition is a powerful tool to promote good health. 

Our philosophy

In our practice, we notice that there are a lot of prejudices and lack of knowledge when it comes to healthy eating. It seems to us that we need to act upstream: to prevent illnesses linked to poor diet, which can affect quality of life and performance at work.


We offer a number of packages covering a range of themes, such as healthy eating, veganism or sugar addiction. Our packages can be adapted to suit the time available, the budget and the needs of the company. Each workshop is designed to be interactive, enabling each person to take stock of their own eating habits. Using a variety of media, participants sharpen their critical thinking, develop their autonomy and take their health and well-being into their own hands.


The health of employees is the most valuable asset for a company. Because of this, workplace health promotion can be subsidized by the health insurance fund according to §20 and §20a SGB V. As an employer, you can invest 600 euros per employee/per year free of wage tax!


We’d like to get to know each other and share our vision with you.

We offer our workshops in English, French and Spanish.